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The Only Thing Between
the Farm and Your Table?
Simple Hot Water.

At Hunt's, we believe it's good to be different. We peel our tomatoes with FlashSteam instead of chemicals, which means no chemical by-products go back into the earth. It might not be the easiest way, but we believe that it's the right way.

"Some people call me 'The Tomato Guy.' And for whatever reason, I like tomatoes. I understand them. I've been with them for over 40 years."

  • The Peak of Ripeness

    We pick Hunt’s tomatoes at the peak of ripeness. Other tomatoes—even the ones in the produce aisle at the grocery store—ripen either on the truck or in ethylene gas.

  • Always on the Sunny Side

    Why California? It's the perfect place to grow tomatoes. California gives plants at least eight hours of sunlight a day, which is the ideal amount of sunlight for optimal sweetness.

  • Fresh-from-the-vine Flavor

    Hunt's tomatoes ripen naturally on the vine. That means they're soft, fleshy, and full of juice and flavor on the inside. And you can taste the difference.

  • Tons of Tomatoes

    Approximately 465 trailer loads of fresh tomatoes come down through the valley and into our plant every single day.

  • Little Waste, Big Difference

    We use each and every part of the tomato to create the full line of Hunt’s products. So we have no waste, with no related transportation energy or impact on landfills.

  • Naturally Delicious

    Hunt's tomatoes are 100% natural—with no artificial preservatives.

It's good to be different.

Sometimes doing things differently is just the right thing to do. It might not be the easiest way, but here at Hunt's, we believe that it's the right way. That's why you can be sure that every time you create a meal with Hunt's tomatoes, you're cooking with the very best.